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Legal Basis For Building Restrictions - Your Property Deed
ALL property deeds for all properties within Lake Vista between the Seller, the Board of Levee Commissioners of the Orleans Levee District, and the Buyer incorporated covenants regarding building on the property as "servitudes running with the land" "forever".
All Buyer-Owners should be aware that these Building Restrictions which govern building on the property are your personal obligations with the Orleans Levee Board through its management entity, the NFPAMA.
Whether your Deed had the Building Restrictions attached to the deed or not, you should know that these restrictions affect your property as if you had signed the original Deed with the Levee Board.  In some cases Title Search companies have failed to provide buyers with these restrictions.
An Example of an Original Deed from 1945.  Highlighted in red and yellow is an actual example from the Archives of the City of New Orleans which can be reviewed here.
East Restrictions (PDF) / West Restrictions (PDF)
Lake Vista Building Restrictions are servitudes running with the land.  Lake Vista Zoning - Permitted land use in Lake Vista: 30% maximum lot coverage; required setbacks; fencing; and other restrictions are part of the Lake Vista Building Restrictions.  Some of these were incorporated into the City's Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, adopted September 12, 2015, the "CZO".
Buyer-owners are subject to the Building Restrictions (LVBR) and the CZO.  Whichever restriction is more restrictive governs.  If the CZO says a fence can be 8' and the LVBR says 5', then the fence is restricted to 5'.
Height Restrictions.   House heights are limited to 35' for flat roofs measured from the natural grade.  Determination of the maximum height of any other house can be complicated.  Check with NFPAMA or contact our Architectural Review Committee.
Notes About Fences.   Fence heights in Lake Vista are governed by the LVBR.  Fences are 18" in front yards beyond the Front Yard Building Setback line of 20'.  Fences are limited to 5' in other instances and are to be of substantially open design (more than 50% open).
Pools in Front Yards.  Because any pool requires a fence taller than 18", which is not allowed by the LVBR, any plan for a pool in the Front Yards will not be approved by the NFPAMA nor be legally permitted in the Front Yards in Lake Vista.
Questions About Your Deed Restrictions Or Building Restrictions?
Please feel free to send us an e-mail for all questions about new fences, new homes, auxiliary buildings, renovations or modifications of existing homes, pools, decks or impermeable patios to be built on the front side of the lots.  All building is subject to your deed restrictions (attached to the original deed as Building Restrictions) for Lake Vista and all construction outside of the home is subject to plan review by the Non Flood Asset Management Authority (NFPAMA) as well as the City of New Orleans.
We will get back with you as soon as possible.  In the subject line of the e-mail put ARCHITECTURAL REVIEW OF PLANS. Be sure to include the following information:
Full Name
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City, State, Zip Code
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