Beautification Committee

The Lake Vista Beautification Committee is an arm of the Lake Vista Garden Club and is made up of volunteers from the community. The  committee is responsible for working closely with the Garden Club to ensure that the flower beds in the common areas around Lake Vista are maintained.  We also work with the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority in caring for the trees and parks around Lake Vista.  This group supports the overall mission of Lake Vista Garden Club: "to promote and encourage the beautifying of home gardens and the Lake Vista subdivision."
Current projects include:
• planting and maintenance of Lake Vista signage areas on major thoroughfares and Zephyr Parkway
• planting and maintenance of bus shelters in Lake Vista
• tree maintenance and tree planting on parkways and public neutral grounds, in cooperation with public bodies
• reforestation of Lake Vista following losses from Hurricane Katrina (public and private property) To learn more about the Lake Vista Garden Club Tree Reforestation Project,
 • cooperation with area utilities to support Tree Preservation Best Practices during construction and repairs
• overall tree preservation
• assisting residents with tree concerns
Offers of support and interest, as well as requests for information, can be sent to The current chairs of Lake Vista Beautification Committee are Patricia Fullmer, Jackie Shreves, and Babs Mollere.

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