LV Women's Club

The Lake Vista Woman’s Club was organized in 1955 to promote philanthropic, civic, cultural,
and social activity in our community. Membership is open to women residing in Lake Vista, with
a maximum of 100 members as set by the by-laws. Annual dues are currently $40
The Club membership nominates and selects a few local non profit organizations to support
each year. Representatives from the organizations selected are invited to speak at one of our
meetings to tell us about their organization, after which they are presented with a monetary
donation from the Club.

Some of the numerous organizations the LVWC has supported include: The Gleason
Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association LA Chapter, Boys Hope Girls Hope, One Heart NOLA, K9s
for Warriors, Thomas & McMahan Cancer Foundation, Friends of the New Orleans Public
Library, Lakeview Shepherd Center, St. Andrew’s Village, Eden House, Caps for Kids, LASPCA,
The Choroideremia Research Foundation, Volunteers of America and many more.
Meetings are scheduled on the second Friday of each month from September through May
beginning at 11:00 a.m. and are usually held at a member’s home located in Lake Vista. A
complimentary lunch is served at the meeting, allowing time for exchanging new ideas and
socializing. There is usually one outing and a couples event scheduled during our philanthropic
year as well. Our annual fundraiser is a silent auction and parade of prizes held at the Holiday

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Lake Vista Property Owners Association
PO Box 24430
New Orleans, LA 70184-4430

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