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LiL Michael wins National Recognition
Posted on Sep 19th, 2019

For more years than I can remember, Michael Hayden, Jr. on Lark Street, has without fail assisted Lake Vista neighbors in placing their trash on the curbs on Monday and Thursday for pick up the following day. He also diligently returns the trash containers to the areas to where he found them.
His tireless efforts were recently recognized on the national stage; that is right, I said national. The sitcom The  Neighborhood recently conducted a national contest to determine who is the best neighbor in the best neighborhood. Michael received in Los Angeles the award for the best neighbor in the best neighborhood in the US defeating the other  11 finalists by a significant margin. Way to go Michael!! Please keep up the good work!
If you or your children have received awards for matters that you would like considered for publication in this newsletter,  please email  Paul Cabouche at or me at
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