Parks and Lanes

Lake Vista Parks and Lanes make it a uniquely pleasant and inviting community.  Every home in Lake Vista has a front door facing a park or lane or boulevard. The street layout makes it possible to walk or bike from any home in Lake Vista to any other home in Lake Vista without crossing a street.  Property values in Lake Vista vs. adjoining lakefront communities underline the value of our open spaces and the importance of preserving the park like environment.

The lanes of Lake Vista are 30’ wide servitudes.  In the covenants attached to the deed of every home, these lanes are, “reserved for the common use of the property owners of “Lake-Vista”, and nothing shall be placed thereon, or no use shall be made thereof, to the detriment, inconvenience or annoyance of the resident, or owner of any part or portion of ground or of adjacent property…” The parks and lanes are owned by the Lakefront Management Authority and are also servitudes for underground utilities including all gas, electricity, telephone, cable, sanitary sewer and sometimes water supply. It is essential that these remain clear of fences and hedges in order to facilitate passage for maintenance and utility vehicles.

In each front yard, there is a 20-foot setback adjacent to the lane, park or boulevard facing the lot. New Orleans building code and Lake Vista building restrictions prohibit the building of any structures or any fences more than 18” high in this setback area. This design provides for a 70-foot wide park-like corridor between all of our homes.

Most of the lanes in Lake Vista connect to one of five interior parks.  These parks are home to hundreds of magnificent live oak trees and open spaces big enough to accommodate pick up touch football or soccer games or other family or community gatherings.  The Lakefront Management Authority maintains these parks, including the sidewalks on each side.

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